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"Gokigen Lab x made in TSUBAME" Its memorial original item ❤︎ is now available!

The first original item is a stainless steel eco cup made in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture! It also comes with a convenient carrying case♪

Friday, June 17, orders start!

Introducing Gokigen Lab's first original product, a stainless steel eco cup!

Metalworking technology is made in Tsubame, a world-class city. It is an eco cup!

This time, Gokigen Lab has completed an original product, a stainless steel eco-cup perfect for strolling and outdoor scenes. This stainless steel eco cup is a

Made in TSUBAME" certification is granted to this product, guaranteeing its high quality and safety. First of all, let me explain "Made in TSUBAME"!

The area centered on Tsubame City in Niigata Prefecture is famous as one of the leading metalworking areas in Japan.

Tsubame's high level of technology has attracted many offers from overseas, including Apple Inc. of the U.S., and currently accounts for approximately 90% of domestic production of metal tableware as a major production area.

Made in TSUBAME" was born out of the desire to promote Tsubame's local industry to the world, not just as a "Made in Japan" product, but as a product of the region itself. Made in TSUBAME" was born from the desire to promote Tsubame's local industry to the world. Metal products produced in the Tsubame area, including cutlery, knives, kitchenware, and sake cups, are certified with the "Made in TSUBAME" logo, which attests to their high quality, safety, and place of origin. Many manufacturers' products bear this logo, and "Made in TSUBAME" plays a role in Tsubame's branding.

Mr.Takano and Misako Imai!

When we visited Tsubame City and consulted with Mr. Takano of the Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry about creating an original product for Gokigen Labo, he suggested, "If you want a product that brings sustainability closer to home, how about this? He suggested the stainless steel eco-cup.

Comes with a convenient carrying case (drawstring)

eco cup made of recyclable material "stainless steel"

Because stainless steel is a rust-resistant metal, it does not become waste at the end of its life, and most of it is recovered and reused with high quality. Currently, it is estimated that about 80% of stainless steel produced is recycled. For today's demand for earth-friendly materials, stainless steel is expected to be utilized as a resource for the next generation. The stainless steel eco cup made of such a wonderful material has Gokigen Rabo's character Obake-chan & Mini Obake-chan printed on it!

The polish of the Polisher's Syndicate is awesome!

The inside of this eco cup is polished by the Polisher Syndicate, a joint order group formed by several polishing companies in Tsubame-Sanjo.

In fact, they are the people who were recognized by Steve Jobs and polished the back of his iPod! It's all about respect, isn't it? The inside of the cup has a mirror finish. Just look at it! A shine you can't help but fall in love with.

By polishing the inner surface of the cup, when you enjoy a beer, it produces a creamier foam that brings out the true flavor of the beer. The mouth of the cup is curled so that it feels comfortable and is safe for children to use.

The light weight of approximately 90g is also attractive. It is also easy to carry. The curl at the mouth is the result of Shibuki Press Kogyosho's advanced processing technology. eco cups can be used semi-permanently if used carefully, compared to conventional disposable paper cups, which are thrown away after one use and end up in the landfill. In addition, the stainless steel eco cup can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80% compared to paper cups.

Let's widen the circle of happy and sustainable action!

The stainless steel eco cup is suitable for both outdoor and everyday use. We hope that you will experience the beauty of this product.

Comment from Misako Imai, Representative of Gokigen Lab

I have always dreamed of creating an original item for "Gokigen Lab". We are proud to be working with Tsubame City in Niigata Prefecture to produce our first collaborative item in the context of Japanese manufacturing and culture.

Carrying your own bottle is an activity to reduce plastic waste from plastic bottles. The next lifestyle proposal is a stainless steel eco cup that can be used at home, outdoor events, camping, parties, etc. We would be happy if you feel more comfortable in your life with our stainless steel eco cups. Here is shop ( Now Only ship to Japan )↓



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