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Do you want to live more sustainably?

Did you watch "Don't Look UP" on Netflix?

Last month, it became the most popular movie in the U.S. and was the talk of the town. When I saw it, I felt that it appealed against climate change. If you tell people the correct numbers, they won't understand, and if you seduce great people, they will only be interested in profit. Having studied sustainability at the University of Illinois and Erasmus University Rotterdam, my suggestion is to bring sustainability to people who can enjoy it and make it a habit.

Please join the #20sustainableacts, which we are planning with this in mind.

The #20sustainableacts that to live more sustainably

lifestyles for the seasons and cultures. I have made 20 illustrations of my ideas, and I would like you to put them on your refrigerator or set them as your standby screen so that you can live your life with sustainability in mind. In addition, if you participate in this project, you can win some sustainable goods! Please come and join us!

1, Choose eco-friendly cleaners.

I think better option to use all-natural cleaners than chemical cleaners because eco-friendly cleaners are better for our health and the planet's health.

2, Let's use a biodegradable sponge and kitchen cloth!

How can we save the oceans by using biodegradable sponges? My absolute option is Skoy Japan. By using a more earth-friendly product like this, we can keep the microplastics out of the ocean and contribute to the earth's sustainability.

3, Let's buy local honey!

How can we contribute to the local hives and the ecosystem sustained by the bees by purchasing local honey?

4, Let's be conscious of the materials we use to wrap a gift.

How can we wrap presents with minimum wrappings in a creative way?

5, Use rental, second-hand, or share winter sports wears.

In the winter season, we want to enjoy skiing and snowboard. But only a few times to chance to wear the ski wear. So good idea to use for rental, second hands, or share!

6, Bring our reusable water bottles for outings!

How can we save lives in the water by minimizing the use of plastic?

7, Bring our reusable shopping bags to stores!

How can we prevent plastic bags from contaminating the oceans?